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Thirty-two is not usually the age that someone picks up a paint brush, yet Angela Kathleen Stout felt she had to find some way to express her feelings creatively. To her amazement, she found that she was good at doing so nonverbally through her self-taught painting. It was at that moment that living life fully began to open up to her.  Angela flowered emotionally and developed a love of many forms of art. This knowledge base expanded by teaching the art of the Masters enthusiastically to the young people she had worked with. It was because of her Early Childhood Education degree and many years of teaching children, setting aside the brush seemed natural as she began to use her hands to create texture in her Impressionistic impasto "finger paintings".  During a trip to the local art museum, Angela discovered a use of texture far beyond anything she could create with just paint. It was the artist's use of plaster that gave her the idea to use fabric and glue as texture. She has spent the last several years developing this idea into her unique use of sculpted cloth. Evidence of her success using this technique is now on display in many locations across the world. Angela, who is often described as cheerful and inspirational with an utter compulsion to paint, has transformed as a person and artist. She has expanded her portfolio of highly textured art calle a "unique and unusual" experience demonstrating a lifelong passion for art.

"It's made with cloth, glue, various paints and a bit of 'magic' and yes, go ahead, you can touch it!"