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It is not often that anyone can capture a moment in life with such realism and carefully crafted interpretation like Robin Hewitt. Her approach to BIRO art is unique in the sense of preparation, attention to detail, and final presentation. The pieces on display at the Dancing Elephant Gallery, located at 1788 Main Street, Baker City, OR 97814, are some of her favorite works. She is showcasing her unique perspective on well known animal icons of the Pacific Northwest through a mixture of ballpoint pen inks and intensive detail. This is one collection you should not miss!

"I spend a lot of time researching my subjects to make sure that the texture, personality, and effect are inclusive to the final art," said Robin Hewitt, owner of Western Reflectionz. "My commissioned pieces usually start with building a strong relationship with my client and the concept". The collection on display at the Dancing Elephant Gallery demonstrates her unique perspective of elk, wolves, bears, and horses. It is a one-of-a-kind experience.

About Robin Hewitt and Western Reflectionz

Capturing small moments of life on paper and canvas using a variety of mediums enables Robin Hewitt to showcase unique perspectives of the world around her. She specializes in fine-line illustrations, BIRO, ballpoint pen inks and a mixture of abstract approaches to dimension, concepts, and fantasy. Known for breathtaking detail and artistic interpretation, each masterful piece in her portfolio is a singular experience. They are a profound testament to the chaotic balance of our world. Prints and originals can be viewed online at http://www.westernreflectionz.com.